• Chirurgische Planung und Schablonen auf Basis von CT-Daten von Patienten

    Virtual Surgical Planning

    VSP, provides surgeons with pre-operative planning and patient-specific models, guides, and templates for improved accuracy and outcomes.

  • Anatomische Modellierung

    Anatomische Modellierung

    Obtain patient-specific 3D printed anatomical models with 3D Systems Precision Healthcare solutions to deliver practice models for surgical planning and patient communication.

  • Mit 3D-Druck hergestelltes Implantat der Hüftpfanne

    Design & Fertigung von Medizinprodukten

    Comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions to advance new medical products from concept to commercialization with 3D Systems Precision Healthcare solutions

  • Residency program, fellows, medical student, sonography program, nursing, med school, attending, intern, critical care

    Medical and Surgical Simulation

    Practice medical tasks and procedures in a safe environment. Simbionix simulators offer a variety of pathologies and cases for a comprehensive learning experience.

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