After being viciously and senselessly attacked, Grecia the toucan was left without the majority of his upper beak. With no way to feed or care for himself, the outlook for Grecia’s future was grim. But the staff at the ZOOAVE Rescue Center in Costa Rica refused to give up on the bird and called on 3D Systems and partner Grupo SG to devise a custom solution.

In collaboration with a group of industrial designers, dentists and nanotechnology experts, 3D Systems transformed the 3D scans from Grupo SG into a viable prosthetic beak for Grecia. Using and end-to-end digital manufacturing workflow, the team started with Geomagic Wrap® software to convert 3D scan data from Grecia’s residual beak as well as the beak of an undamaged toucan into feature-based CAD models. These models were then imported into Geomagic® Freeform® organic 3D modeling software where the necessary mechanical features were incorporated. These features would allow the prosthetic to properly attach and function.

Nachdem das 3D Modell im Computer den letzten Schliff erhalten hatte, wurde die Datei an den 3D Systems ProX® SLS 500 gesendet. Dort erfolgte der 3D Druck mit dem DuraForm® ProX PA-Kunststoff. Augrund seiner Stärke, der Biokompatibilität und dem glatten Oberflächenfinish, das einer Kontaminiation oder einem Bakterienwachstum entgegenwirkt, war die Wahl des Teams auf diesen Werkstoff gefallen. Nach dem Druck wurde die Prothese mitGeomagic® Control™eingehend inspiziert, um sicherzustellen, dass die gewünschten Proportionen eingehalten wurden. Als dies gewährleistet war, musste die Prothese nur noch angepasst werden.

Thanks to his new prosthetic beak, Grecia can now feed and preen himself and he is a favorite among the residents at ZOOAVE Rescue Center.

Grecia’s recovery and the international movement against animal cruelty generated by this attack as well as the efforts in Costa Rica to change animal protection laws are documented as part of the Animal Planet Presents film, Toucan Nation.